TenaZ is a proven Dietary Supplement Range and Program that is scientifically formulated by nutritional professionals to repair chemical, hormonal and nutrient imbalances in your body. It will change your perception about weight loss forever! 

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Special Packs at Discount PriceSpecail TenaZ Discount Packs

Combo Packs

The TenaZ Combo Packs are each a combination of specific TenaZ Products at a Discount Price, each Category is designed for a specific over weight condition. This is what makes TenaZ so different... TenaZ has a specialized solution for your unique weight problem and personal budget.


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15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
was R4 500.00
Save R650.00
R3 850.00
15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
Weight Management, Food Control, Metabolic Control, Fat Control & Boosters
10kg - Extreme Pack
10kg - Extreme Pack
was R3 050.00
Save R550.00
R2 500.00
10kg - Extreme Pack
Weight Management Tools, Food Control, Metabolic Control & Fat Control

Weight Management Tools

NO DIET Method: The Transformation of your Lifetime!

Diets are the enemy of Weight Loss. We are genetically programmed to enjoy eating! Food is not the enemy.

Learn how to lose weight and stay slim with TenaZ. Never Diet Again simply learn how to eat without any guilt feelings. Food can become an obsession when you constantly battling with unwanted fat and bad eating habits, We teach you to love food and still lose weight. No food scale needed. No Special Diet foods, simply enjoy healthy portions with Food Combinations and Time Control.

How to get Intermittent Fasting with TenaZ ?

  • Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating and not eating.
  • Instead of doing 3 Main Meals a day plus snacking, you're eating less frequently. Simply replace 2 main Meals and do not eat snacks. Avoid Sugar or Carbs.
  • This is important because every time you eat, you raise a hormone called insulin. Too much insulin is very dangerous in the body.
  • With the healthy No Diet and intermittent fasting with TenaZ Meals and Shakes, we're reducing the excess insulin.

  • Symptoms of High Insulin:

  • Belly fat
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Fatigue (especially after eating)
  • Decreased cognitive function (lack of focus, poor memory)
  • Moodiness (irritable, depressed, grouchy)
  • Cravings
  • You're hungry all of the time (especially in-between meals)

  • Benefits of TenaZ NO Diet Method:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Supports mood
  • Making the body function better

  • Food Chart & Weight Chart:

    Monitor your progress. Download the Food and Weight Chart to guide you and to keep your weight loss goals on track. Weight yourself on the Check-inn days, write your weight down and be trully amazed at how well you feel.

    Eating Tool
    No Diet Program
    No Diet Program
    No Diet Program
    Never Diet Again! Learn how to Enjoy Food without Guilt!
    Track Food
    Food Chart
    Food Chart
    Food Chart
    Keep record of what you eat!
    Weigh Tool
    Weight Chart
    Weight Chart
    Weight Chart
    Monitor your progress!

    Metabolic Control

    I lost 15kg in 2007, I am still healthy weight! Thank you TenaZ!

    I lost 15kg

    Hi Sanet. Ek het n onderaktiewe skildklier, maar ek het jare terug maer geword met TENAZ. Ek het 40kg verloor met TENAZ!

    I Lost 40kg with TenaZ

    Ek het 50kg verloor met TenaZ se Dysfunctional Pack! Kyk 1 Maart Groot Ontbyt en luister na my suksesverhaal. Ek is in Vanderbijlpark as jy persoonlike ondersteuning nodig het. Skakel my by 0653592816 

    TenaZ werk Regtig! 46kg Minder!

    "I Was Morbidly Obese" High Blood pressure, Diabetes, feeling tired every day! I never want to be FAT again! I will always LOVE TenaZ!

    I lost 80kg! TenaZ saved my Life!

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    We are based in Silverlakes, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

    (707) #TenaZDysfunctionalWeightLoss - YouTube

    Silverlakes, Pretoria, 0021

    Silverlakes, Pretoria, 0021

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