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Dysfunctional Pack Hannie lost 50kg

TenaZ is a proven Dietary Supplement Range and Weight Loss Method that is scientifically formulated by nutritional professionals to repair chemical, hormonal and nutrient imbalances that cause unexplained weight gain. Change your perception about your health and weight forever. TenaZ really works! 


We are passionate about your weight problem. Our success is satisfied customers. Our mission is to get you Slim. We are the number one go-to weight loss product that provides an easy, effective and healthy solution to overweight people. Learn more, click here (707) TenaZ Dysfunctional Pack - YouTube

Sanet Mc Adam, known as Fat Fairy @ TenaZ, lost 100kg

TenaZ is “Sanet” written in Reverse.

The T of TenaZ and the Z of TenaZ symbolizes PROTECTION.

  • Just like the hard covers of a book, protect the soft pages inside against damage. TenaZ protects and feeds you on a cellular level, while you do your Body Transformation, improving your self-control, giving you guaranteed Results!
  • “TenaZ” is also a Spanish word and it means: “A new Beginning” May TenaZ Change your Life Forever, take the Next Step and order your TenaZ Now or Read Afrikaans Inligting

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3,75kg per week
15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
15kg - Dysfunctional Pack
Booster, 30 Shakes, 30 Meal Replacements, No Thank You, Detox, Metabolic Repair Kit, Fat Attack & Weight Management Tools
was R4 150.00
Save R650.00
R3 500.00
2,5kg per week
10kg - Extreme Pack
10kg - Extreme Pack
10kg - Extreme Pack
60 Meal Replacements, Metabolic Repair Kit, Fat Attack & Weight Management Tools
was R2 750.00
Save R250.00
R2 500.00
1.75kg per week
7kg - Transform Pack
7kg - Transform Pack
7kg - Transform Pack
Weight Management, Food Control & Fat Control
was R1 700.00
Save R200.00
R1 500.00
1kg per week
4kg - Fat Pack
4kg - Fat Pack
4kg - Fat Pack
Fat Attack & Weight Management Tools

After 2 Babies, I lost 15kg in 2007, I am still healthy weight! Thank you TenaZ!

I lost 15kg

Hi Sanet. Ek het n onderaktiewe skildklier, maar ek het jare terug maer geword met TenaZ. Ek het 40kg verloor!

I Lost 40kg with TenaZ

Ek het nou al 52kg verloor met TenaZ se Dysfunctional Pack!  Ek is in Vanderbijlpark as jy persoonlike ondersteuning nodig het. Skakel my by 065 359 2816 

TenaZ werk Regtig! 46kg Minder!

"I Was Morbidly Obese" High Blood pressure, Diabetes, feeling tired every day! I never want to be FAT again! I will always LOVE TenaZ!

I lost 80kg! TenaZ saved my Life!


The NEW TenaZ INN WEIGHT LOSS Destination is based in Silverlakes, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. 

A. Book an personal Consultation at TenaZ INN with Sanet 063 062 1888 - R850 per 30min  

B. 2 Day Stay Over Weight Loss Coarse. Was R4500 - Now only R3000! Save R1500!

We are a Cash free Practice. All stock get couriered overnight with Courier Guy. 

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